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The Sundarbans Flora

A total 245 genera and 334 plant species were recorded by David Prain in 1903. While most of the mangroves in other parts of the world are characterised by members of the Rhizophoraceae, Avicenneaceae or Combretaceae, the mangroves of Bangladesh are dominated by the Malvaceae and Euphorbiaceae. Dominant flora includes:

The Sundarbans flora is characterised by the abundance of sundari (Heritiera fomes), gewa (Excoecaria agallocha), goran (Ceriops decandra) and keora (Sonneratia apetala) all of which occur prominently throughout the area. The characteristic tree of the forest is the sundari (Heritiera littoralis), from which the name of the forest had probably been derived. It yields a hard wood, used for building houses and making boats, furniture and other things. New forest accretions is often conspicuously dominated by keora (Sonneratia apetala) and tidal forests. It is an indicator species for newly accreted mudbanks and is an important species for wildlife, especially spotted deer (Axis axis). There is abundance of dhundul or passur (Xylocarpus granatum) and kankra (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza) though distribution is discontinuous. Among palms, Poresia coaractata, Myriostachya wightiana and golpata (Nypa fruticans), and among grasses spear grass (Imperata cylindrica) and khagra (Phragmites karka) are well distributed.

The varieties of the forests that exist in Sundarbans include mangrove scrub, littoral forest, saltwater mixed forest, brackish water mixed forest and swamp forest. Besides the forest, there are extensive areas of brackish water and freshwater marshes, intertidal mudflats, sandflats, sand dunes with typical dune vegetation, open grassland on sandy soils and raised areas supporting a variety of terrestrial shrubs and trees. Since Prain’s report there have been considerable changes in the status of various mangrove species and taxonomic revision of the man-grove flora. However, very little exploration of the botanical nature of the Sundarbans has been made to keep up with these changes. Differences in vegetation have been explained in terms of freshwater and low salinity influences in the Northeast and variations in drainage and siltation. The Sundarbans has been classified as a moist tropical forest demonstrating a whole mosaic of seres, comprising primary colonisation on new accretions to more mature beach forests. Historically vegetation types have been recognised in broad correlation with varying degrees of water salinity, freshwater flushing and physiography.

Special Sundarban Tour Package


16 Mar – Day-01: Start from Dhaka at 10PM. Full night Journey.

17 Mar – Day-02: Early morning Board the guest at awaiting boat at Khulna early in the morning within 08:30. Then start cruise towards the Sundarbans forest. On way stopDhangmari Forest station. Take the permit, forest guard and pay the fees. The cruising will continue till Kotka. Upon arrival depends on tide, It might be possible to take a short walk inside the forest to have a glimpse of the forest. Anchor the boat near a suitable place for overnight stay.

18 Mar – Day-03: Very early in the morning take the small boat for cruise through the small canal for bird watching trip inside forest. Back to the big boat and take breakfast then walk through the Mangrove forest and climbing the Watch tower to Jamtola Sea-beach. After lunch, the boat will resume its journey, which will continue till Kochikhali.

Upon arrival, the accompanying Guide will lead you towards Visiting Point, where you will find plenty of deer, Monkey, birds etc. Back to the boat, snacks will be served. On this evening,Bar-B-Q dinner will be offered. Stay overnight on the boat inside the forest.

19 Mar – Day-04: Very early in the morning, the boat will resume its journey towards Khulna. Have sightseeing on Harbaria Eco-tourism spot for the natural beauty of forest on way back. Arrive in the evening then leave the boat at Khulna. After Dinner start transfer from Khulna to Dhaka.

20 Mar – Day- 05: Early Morning Arrived Dhaka.

Package price: BDT 12,000.00 for per person ( AC Bus )

N.B: Foreigners have to pay more 5800 taka per person for Govt. fees

Ship Capacity: 70 Person

Package Includes: 

  • All meals during the trip
  • All activities inside the forest as per itinerary
  • Mineral water for drinking during the trip
  • Forest fees & permission for Bangladeshis
  • Armed forest guard from the forest department
  • An accompanied experience Guide during the trip
  • Dhaka – Khulna – Dhaka Ac/Non AC Bus Ticket

Things to carry by guest:

  • Snicker shoes for walking       
  • Hat/Cap for sun protection
  • Sun-burn lotion & insects spray
  • Binoculars, Flash light, Camera & Films
  • Towel, Bath Soap/Shampoo, Toothpaste & Tooth Brush
  • Emergency Medicine

Standard Food Menu

Day: 1 Toast, Butter, Boiled Egg, Jam, Sundarban Honey, Banana, Tea & Coffee

Day: 2 Plain Porata, Egg Fry, Mixed Veg, Chicken Dal, Tea & Coffee Or Bhoona Khichuri, Egg Malaikari, Bringle fry, Pickle, Green Salad.

Day: 3 Porata, Egg Fry, Mixed Vegetable, Chicken Lotpoti, Tea & Coffee

Day: 1 Plain rice, Green Vegetable, Parsey Dopiaja, Beef/Chicken/Duck, Dal, Salad

Day: 2 Plain rice, Various Vorta, Tengra Bhoona, Chicken Curry, Dal Bhoona, Salad

Day: 3 Plain rice, Mixed Vegetable, Rui Fish Bhuna, Chicken with Potato, Dal, Salad


Day: 1 Plain rice, Mixed Vegetable, Vetki Dopiaja, Chicken Curry, Dal, Salad

Day: 2 Special BBQ Party- Fried Rice, Porata, Chicken Bar-B-Q, Beef/Mutton

Bhoona, Chinese Vegetable, Salad, Soft Drinks (Pet bottle).

Morning Snacks: (11am) Plain Cake/Dry Cake/Lexus Biscuit/Pran Peanut Bar

Afternoon Snacks: (04pm) Singara/Samucha/Chola Muri/Vegetable Pakura

Snacks will be served two times everyday…….

Menu may change with mutual discussions of the both party and additional/Spl. Item may serve against extra payment.(Subject to availability of the Items)

Business Class Sundarban Tour Package

Exotica: Sundarbans: 4 Nights 3 Days

Day 01

Journey from Dhaka to Khulna. Departure from Dhaka at 10:30 pm (by AC Coach Service) and arrival at 7.00 am Khulna.

Day 02 

Join the boat at Khulna, the starting point of your Safari Cruise
Board our vessel M.V. Mahira early in the morning at Jailkhana Ghat, Khulna. Soon after we will start cruising south towards Sundarban. Following the formalities at the Forest Department Station at Chadpai near Mongla Port, the cruise to the south-eastern part of the jungle will continue, reaching Kotka in the afternoon. If time permits your guide will offer some activities in the forest. Overnight on board.

Day 03

Cruise through the Estuarine wilderness Shortly after sunrise we will invite you to explore the narrow creeks aboard a wooden rowboat, allowing a close look at the unique mangrove fauna & Flora. After a leisurely lunch the guide will offer a variety of activities, including an easy trek to the pristine beach facing the Bay of Bengal, a hike through the mangroves and an evening boat trip. Overnight on board in Kachi Khali.

Day 04
Cruise towards Khulna Depending on the tide schedule, the boat will begin the return journey with the high tide and cruising the whole day arrive Khulna in the evening. On the way you will enjoy the peaceful cruise through the creeks of the Mangrove forest. After having dinner on board you will disembark the boat and avail your Opted mode of returning back to your place of living.

Day 05
Journey from Khulna to Dhaka.  After Denner we will start from Khuln to Dhaka at 11:00 pm. Arrivel to  Dhaka early in the morning and tour will be end.


1. The trip as per itinerary with on board accommodation on twin sharing basis and meals starting from Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner according to Itinerary.

2.  Forest permission and entrance fees for Bangladeshi nationals only.

3.  Experienced English Speaking guide.

4. Dhaka – Khulna – Dhaka Ac Bus Ticket

For your own comfort, we request you to carry minimum luggage. However, we suggest you to carry the following items:

Torch / Towel / Umbrella / Raincoat / Binoculars / Suitable Clothes / Camera & Film / Mosquito repellent / Sun screen lotion / Walking shoes & Sandals / Swimming gear / Reading material / Board Games.

Standard Meal Menu:


Toast, Butter, Egg-omelet / fry, Jam, Sundarbans honey, tea & coffee, seasonal fruit.

Chapati, omelet, mixed vegetable, Sundarbans honey, tea & coffee, fresh fruit.


Chanachur, Cake, Noodles, Vegetable Pakora, Bisquites.


Plain rice, mixed vegetable, thick dal (lintels), fish fry, salad, tea & coffee, dessert.

Plain polau, fried vegetable, chicken curry, salad, tea & coffee, dessert

Khichuri, potato chop, fried vegetable, mutton curry, salad, tea & coffee, dessert


Plain rice, vegetable chop, thick dal, fish or chicken curry, mixed vegetable, salad, tea & coffee, dessert

Fried rice, French fry, boiled vegetable, chicken curry, salad, tea & coffee, dessert

Noodle & fried rice, mixed vegetable, Bar-B-Q chicken & fish, salad, tea & coffee, dessert

Chef will select the day’s menu from the above items.

Rules & Regulation

  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in cabin.
  2. The Booking will be cancelled if the passengers fail to report at the station 30 Minute before the departure time.
  3. If necessary, the Authority can change the Seat / Cabin.
  4. Authority will not be liable any accident, theft, loss or damages.
  5. For changing date or canceling the booking, must be informed the issuing Authority.
  6. You have to care your luggage.
  7. Littering is strictly prohibited in the river, shore and tourist spots.
  8. Making noise, annoying animal, injury plantation is not allowed.


WHEN CNCELLED                                 INDIVIDUAL BOOKING                GROUP BOOKING

3 Weeks before departure                                      NIL                                          30%

2 Weeks before departure                                      NIL                                          40%

1 Week before departure                                        1000 Tk.                                  50%

3 Days before departure                                         50%                                         65%

48 Hours before departure                                     75%                                         75%

24 Hours before departure                                     100%                                       100%

Booking procedure:

For the exclusive booking please confirm the tour at least 4 weeks before the schedule.  While making a confirm booking of the tour, a payment amounting to 50% of the tour fee is to be made. The balance to be paid 72 hours prior to the commencement of the trip. We accept cheques & cash both.

Standard Tour Package